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2012 — The year of Accomplishment, Debt and Travel Part – I

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It was a roller coaster year. Tough times, happiness and lots of learning.

January — I graduated in December 2011 and was waiting for the job openings. I started giving interviews, but no luck.
Let me tell one of the interesting interviews.
I was contacted by HR for a support position. Albeit my interest was in development and not support, I was contacted by the QA manager for a phone interview and eventually she found that I am not  interested. She forwarded my resume to another team and later they contacted regarding the development position.
After the first round, I was given an online test which consisted of 2 programming questions and a set of SQL queries. It took 30 minutes for me to read and do a basic design before implementing it. I was able to complete only a question in 2 hrs. It took me 6 hrs to finish the whole test. I Am bad at assessing my own performance in tests like this. So I discussed with my friends and then sent an email saying that it is not feasible for a new grad to complete the entire test in 2 hrs. Later came to know that HR misread my resume and the position was for someone with 4-5 years of experience.  But the code reviewer sent me a detailed email about optimising the code and mistakes in my code. That was so nice of her to take time in replying.

February — The job search continued. Careercup and Glassdoor were the websites which helped in preparing for interviews. You could have read umpteen number of articles about preparing for interviews and worked out questions. But, its all the presence of mind and smartness that wins the race to impress the interviewer. I was invited for an on-site interview by my current employer. But I missed my last flight while returning because of the delayed interview and heavy traffic. Later stayed at a hotel and came back by the morning flight.

March — Went for another interview to the west coast which was almost close to offer and on the same day my Managing Director wanted to speak to better know me.
Because of the timezone difference, I had the interview at morning 6 am. Got up at 5.50 and attended the interview. That was very interesting. All these days,Java has been my preferred language of coding during the interviews. Got my job by March mid and planned to join on April 2nd. I was not feeling well during the last week of March. It was after 4-5 years I went to a doctor. Thanks to all my friends in Dallas who took care of me when I was not well and also for their support during the jobless days. It was time to say bye to Dallas.

April –I started my first full time job. Had to meet my team at New Jersey. The public transportation is really good in NJ-NY area. Then attended the  All aboard training at Boston. My first train journey in US was from New york to Boston. Boston trips are incomplete without meeting Kaushik. Also had long chats with another friend there. Always first trips to a place is unforgettable and that was my first visit to the east coast.

May — Me and Anirudh  planned to go to Dallas for graduation. It was a nice opportunity to meet lot of people because everyone moved to different places after graduation.
I started thinking about bringing my parents here for vacation. They were worried about my bank loan. I wanted to bring them here when they are healthy and since my dad is retiring this year, I cannot find a better time than this.

June — I badly needed a drivers license. I was procrastinating this for a long time. I remember getting my Learner’s permit with Annamalai in December 2009. He got his license in Feb 2010. I got in June 2012. 😀 I was depending on my friend to go to walmart and Indian stores. I got a zipcar and practiced during the weekends. Since I already had some driving experience in Dallas, I managed to get a DL.  In the mean time, I completed few books Chicken soup for the soul, Sujatha’s pirivom santhipom and Katrathum petrathum. We were planning for a trip during the Independece day weekend to DC, but was a flop.

July — My parents got their Visa and  booked tickets for them. I started looking for second hand car deals.  

I don’t want to bore the reader. Let me stop here. Will continue the next half of 2012 soon.

தமிழில் ஒரு பதிவு

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இது தமிழில் என்னுடைய முதல் வலைபதிவு. சுமார் மூன்று வருடங்களுக்கு பிறகு ஒரு வலைபதிவு செய்கிறேன். சில நாட்களுக்கு முன் “கணையாழியின் கடைசி பக்கங்கள்” படித்து கொண்டிருந்தேன். இப்புத்தகத்தில் நிறைய விஷயங்கள் பற்றி சுஜாதா பேசுகிறார். புதுக்கவிதை, யாப்பிலக்கணம் என்று, நிறைய எனக்கு புரிவது கடினமாக இருந்தது.
அதில் Chinese கவிதை பற்றி சொல்லிகொண்டிருந்தார். கவிதையின் விதி “Chinese கவிதைக்கு நான்கு வரிகள் உண்டு. முதல் வரி கவிதையை தொடங்குகிறது, இரண்டாம் வரி கவிதையை தொடர்கிறது,மூன்றாவது வரி ஒரு புதிய கருத்தை ஆரம்பிக்கிறது. நான்காவது வரி முதல் மூன்று வரிகளையும் ஒன்று சேர்க்கிறது”. Chinese கவிதையின் உதாரணம்.

கியோடோவைச் சேர்ந்த சில்க் வியாபாரிக்கு இரண்டு பெண்கள்,
மூத்தவளுக்கு இருபது வயது, இளையவள் பதினெட்டு,
ஒரு படைவீரன் கத்தியால் கொள்கிறான்,
ஆனால் இந்தப் பெண்கள் ஆண்களை தத்தம் கண்களால் கொல்கிறார்கள்.

இது சுஜாதாவின் Chinese கவிதை.

மன்னாரு மெதுவாக வந்து சேர்ந்தான்,
மணி பார்த்தன். உட்கார்ந்தான். படுத்து கொண்டான்,
சென்னை விட்டுத் திருச்சி போகும் ராக்போர்ட் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்
சீக்கிரமே அவ்விடத்தில் கடந்து செல்லும்.

இது என்னுடைய முயற்சி

1. கிருஷ்ணன் ஒரு பெண்ணை காதலித்தான்,
அவளும் காதலித்தாள்,
ஒன்பதாம் வகுப்பில் வேற ஒரு பெண்ணையும் காதலித்தான்,
அவள், இவன் இவர்கள் இருவர் மீதும் கொண்டது காதல் அல்ல காமம் என புரிய வைத்தாள்.

2. அன்று மகனும் தாயும், நகமும் சதையும் போல் இருந்தார்கள்,
இன்று தாய் உடம்பு சரியில்லாமல் தனியாய் கஷ்டப்பட, மகன் மனைவியுடன் ஹவாயில் உல்லாசமாய் இருக்க,
தொலைபேசியில் வாழ்த்தினான் “Happy Mother’s day”,
காலமும் உறவும் மாறவில்லை, மனிதர்கள் மாறுகிறார்கள்.

Reached Dallas

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Atlast few weeks back on a fine sunny Friday evening reached Dallas. Though the journey was nice, I missed my American Airlines connection flight at Newark Liberty International Airport. I should have planned such that there is at least 2 hours between the connecting flights. My flight was scheduled to arrive at 10.30 am but was delayed by 15 minutes. My connection flight to dallas was at 11.55 am. When I landed up, I was to clear customs,immigration and pre-flight formalities. Then got an airtrain to move to the next terminal and approached the American Airlines for my boarding pass and came to know that I have missed my flight. They gave a chance to fly standby in the next flight at 2.55 pm.It was full. The next flight with seat availability was at 5.25 pm.It looked pretty wild and intense. I was terribly bored and due to lack of sleep was feeling drowsy. I got an International Calling card for $10. Called my home. Calling costs were high inside the airport,$3/call. My friend annamalai was not reachable. Fortunately around 2pm, got an exit row seat in the 2.55 pm flight. Reached dallas at 5.30 pm. The problem was i requested the International Students Services Organization for pick up at 4 pm. Since I was late, I hired a taxi for $50.At last reached annamalai’s home at 6.30 pm.It took 2 days to recover from jetlag. On saturday, our off campus Mccallum apartment was finalised. It took some time to get settled here. Although, We bought some groceries from India we bought some new things at Wal Mart, a comparatively cheaper place for buying groceries and eatables.

leaving India

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Hi folks, This will be the last post which i blog before leaving India. Am leaving to US today. Flight is from Chennai at 8.45 pm. Am starting to Chennai at 6.45 am by vaigai express. My parents are coming along with me to Chennai for send off. Then International Students Service Organization(ISSO) have planned for a scheduled pick up at 4 pm(Dallas local time). I hope I will be joining them. Annamalai, my college mate will be receiving there at the campus. This is the first time am going abroad. Will post other details about my journey after I reach Dallas.

Reminiscing the past-II

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Let me continue from where I left in the previous post.

They had already rented an individual house(sorry bungalow) where I stayed. When I joined there was an onset of that interminable light drizzle in which Chennai particularly low land areas like velachery were severely affected. My room mates were ariya and kishore. Kishore was already close to me and ariya was getting closer. My training was at a place called ASV sun tech park near Thuraipakkam. It was a completely different atmosphere with friends from different colleges. Fortunately or unfortunately I was the one who was from TCE. It took some time to get into the professional life. In short, Chennai was too fast for me. The things which i observed would take a separate post and will try to post my views on chennaites in the upcoming posts. The days in cognizant was full of fun and frolic. On the other side, almost all my friends who were waiting for doj got it by December end. Got some new friends at cognizant and the things slowly started to change. A glance at sequence of events in my life

1)Cognizant was fine for me and really enjoyed the days there. We as a class used to go to some hotels frequently. Its because of these people I came to know about the various posh hotels in Chennai.

2)In our home, we got an Induction stove and an electric cooker. Ariya was the master and will give instructions to me and kishore while cooking. I enjoyed assisting him in cooking.

3)Then coming to my MS, I got admits from 4 universities. I chose The university of Texas at Dallas for the reason its a pretty decent one,I had some friends(annamalai and hari) there, the cost of living is cheap there compared to other states in US.

4)Resigned from cognizant, one of the fastest 3 tier IT growing company.

5)Got my I-20 from UTD. In May and June I was busy preparing documents for the visa interview and was traveling between Chennai and Madurai at regular intervals.

6)Got my visa stamped on July 1st and crossed the final hurdle.

Reminiscing the past-I

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Waiting for DOJ from May’08 to Nov’09

After I completed my engineering in april’08, there was a long pause in the game of life for me. It was 6 months of free time during which I attended family functions,marriages,etc. I also visited many pilgrimage centers that includes Rameshwaram, Thiruchendur, Vaitheeswaran koil,etc. It had been one of the light summery days when the people started to annoy me asking about date of joining. Most of them were not able to understand what recession was and what is its impact? They advised me to go for some unworthy alternatives.

Till the month of august I had my TCS friends. I used to spend time chatting with them. I felt somewhat lonely when my TCS friends departed to Bhubaneshwar for training. Usually nights of these days were spent at muthu raj’s(a childhood friend and neighbour of mine) home. He too got his doj in september and left madurai. Then passing time became an increasingly onerous task.Everyone were busy with some work and tests except few.I and vins used to discuss about doj predictions and console each other. I can say that this was the time when i and vins came somewhat closer. Late nights were spent with yoganand( school friend waiting for doj from wipro) who was at Hyderabad at his sister’s place. We even used to chat till 3 am. Lots of stories, incidents,gossips…..

Days passed slowly. Everyone called except cognizant and caritor. At last we had some positive words from our apo.All this came as something of a relief to us. Cognizant also started to call our college. Anyhow my name was missed out in the first batch. my name and venami’s name was somehow left out in the department. I was the only sole remaining in my class waiting for doj. Finally on november 11th i got my DOJ. Doj-november 24th and location was chennai. This was something that bought a brief glimmer of pleasure into my glum life. Unfortunately venami’s name was missed out this time also. It was time to leave Madurai where i have been with my parents from my birth. I got blessings from my neighbors and relatives and it was nice to see everyone expressing their concern. I started to Chennai on November 23rd by vaigai express. Had some of them at station for send-off. It was the same time my TCS friends completed their training and returned to Chennai.

To be continued…