A fabulous trip

I went to chennai on may 6th to attend a marriage. Usually we have our lab exams immediately after the theory exams. So I planned to depart on may 5th. Unfortunately this time we had it after 10 days. I cancelled the ticket and decided to go by vaigai express ,the next day. I reserved, but mine was in waiting list. “My goodness”, I had no exams on on may 6th which would have spoiled my journey. Fortunately, I was allotted a seat.On may 7th, After the marriage was over, I went to meet Fairly in his room in Egmore. We decided to go to spencer. Lato, Banrap and Feby also joined us. The shopping mal was splendid. All sorts of things were available and the cost was not affordable. Spending an hour and a half, we went to “dollars and pounds”, a readymade showroom. It was rich and Fairly bought himself a T-shirt for Rs.800. Then I returned back my relative’s house in the evening. Then I returned by vaigai express, the next day. My results were already announced on that day. My friends told that my absence on the previous day would be a big issue and sir told that the students getting absent will be prevented from attending the first 3 companies. Fortunately, I was not questioned.


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