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Hair dyes- a new vogue

Posted in general on January 31, 2008 by balajisrinivas

Most of the sunday mornings in most of the houses will be busy with what i am going to say(including mine). Its hair Dyeing. Its true that all the people above 40 years have white hairs (atleast a few white). Nowadays seeing white hairs is very difficult. You can see most of the people around you with black hairs, even some old people. What’s heartening is that they argue that they still have their hair black and they dont apply dyes.Are all the people listening insanes? Its god’s creation. Why do they want to pretend as if they are young? This leads to some skin allergies and withering of hairs.My point is that dye can be applied upto the age of 40. On the other hand some guys wake up asking “what colour hair shall i have today?” We can change the way how we comb or its pattern, but not its color.Whats the reason for hair bleaching?Why do these people want to lose their originality? Think ….


In the edge of college life….

Posted in my life on January 26, 2008 by balajisrinivas

Right now i feel lachrymose remembering my college days. Nowadays i am not able to sleep, pondering about these days. Some are going to come to an end in few months. They include my friends,teachers,class (we spent most of our college in A halls), labs, Alamaram, pump house, men’s hostel( we used to spend our nights in hostel during placement, in particular ashok and chenni’s room), assignments, attendance, B5 bus(i like hanging in in it), internals,semesters, symposiums, industrial visits(unfortunately only 2 times),etc. I like to enjoy the remaining days to the full extent.I try to post more about my college days….

software professional’s jargon

Posted in general on January 22, 2008 by balajisrinivas

I would like to jot out some of the traits exhibited by the current software professionals particularly in metropolitan cities. This is based on my limited knowledge about them.English has started to take a new phase these days. no’s and yes’ are replaced by nope’s and yup’s. Hitherto I have not seen this in any of the novels or newspapers.They type 5ne and 10q instead of fine and thank you. They use very affectionate words like yaar, bubye(walter scott and shakespeare would have cried).Most of the software professional do orkuting. Having more number of friends is considered to be a prestige. They don’t delete the scraps. The useless scraps are just wasting the memory space. They spend most of their life in front of the computer which leads to pains in joints and muscles. In short, they love to write codes(php,scripts and all stuffs) and hate to write formal english.

New year starts….

Posted in personal on January 12, 2008 by balajisrinivas

Started this year with a hectic week, particularly of that review. We had the lot system. Unfortunately i had it on friday, the last day. On thursday, there was a felicitation function arranged for our principal who won the best principal award followed by the culturals. On friday, we had Mr. Mathivanan and Mr.Srinivasan from cognizant delivering a lecture on career choices. Really it was worthful. Chithapa vignesh got placed in Acme technologies. These days college are boring because of waiting for the attendance throughout the day. I spend these days in abilash house(really heaven with tv,system,snacks etcc and his parents are off) or pump house or hostel.Nowadays i spend an hour for reading blogs. Pongal holidays have started. Hope i enjoy it…..

Une bonne rĂ©solution de nouvel an- New Year’s Resolution

Posted in personal on January 1, 2008 by balajisrinivas

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because most of them I don’t keep anyway! But this time i should do it.
I have several NYR, but the one I’m thinking about right now is to overcome procrastination. This time i should blog regularly which i never do.This year i should enjoy the life more than the previous. I should give off worthless sentiments. There are many other to list.As of January 1st, I am giving myself one year to put my life in order, leave everything behind and start volunteering. Lets see how i perform.