software professional’s jargon

I would like to jot out some of the traits exhibited by the current software professionals particularly in metropolitan cities. This is based on my limited knowledge about them.English has started to take a new phase these days. no’s and yes’ are replaced by nope’s and yup’s. Hitherto I have not seen this in any of the novels or newspapers.They type 5ne and 10q instead of fine and thank you. They use very affectionate words like yaar, bubye(walter scott and shakespeare would have cried).Most of the software professional do orkuting. Having more number of friends is considered to be a prestige. They don’t delete the scraps. The useless scraps are just wasting the memory space. They spend most of their life in front of the computer which leads to pains in joints and muscles. In short, they love to write codes(php,scripts and all stuffs) and hate to write formal english.


3 Responses to “software professional’s jargon”

  1. good one balaji..keep going;-)

  2. a very crisp and a very true observation abt s/w ppl!

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