Hair dyes- a new vogue

Most of the sunday mornings in most of the houses will be busy with what i am going to say(including mine). Its hair Dyeing. Its true that all the people above 40 years have white hairs (atleast a few white). Nowadays seeing white hairs is very difficult. You can see most of the people around you with black hairs, even some old people. What’s heartening is that they argue that they still have their hair black and they dont apply dyes.Are all the people listening insanes? Its god’s creation. Why do they want to pretend as if they are young? This leads to some skin allergies and withering of hairs.My point is that dye can be applied upto the age of 40. On the other hand some guys wake up asking “what colour hair shall i have today?” We can change the way how we comb or its pattern, but not its color.Whats the reason for hair bleaching?Why do these people want to lose their originality? Think ….


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