placed @Cognizant All- time record high placements in TCE

This post should have appeared few months ago. But i waited for all my classmates to get placed. This time tce placements hits 722. More information regarding TCE placements can be found here
We had tcs visiting our campus on may 21st. We had a general aptitude followed by an interview.I skipped it for some reasons.It continued for 3 days and on may 23rd evening the results were announced. It was pleasant to hear 355 tceians got placed in tcs. 63 from computer science department.38 from our class. We had ashok, bala,bhim,goms kishore , ravi, manoj, muthu, manic and others in tcs.

Next on may 25th, we had cognizant.We had a general aptitude conducted by Meritrac. AT was a little bit tough.Particularly reasoning and english RC’s.I was waiting along with mallu in K.S. auditorium for our results at 1.30. Both of our names were not in the list till 12th panel.At last his was in 13th panel and mine in 16th. Chandrasekar, gopi, vignesh and some of my class mates were selected for the interview. we had the interview in hostel B-block. My interview was at 4.00. They didnt even ask my resume. They were asking some general questions and at last few technical questions(related to cache memory ,internet,DNS etc). I performed better in the interview. We were anxious about the results. We were happy to see people who got placed in tcs waiting with us for the results. Particularly the hostelers, they didnt even leave to their home. The results were announced at 8.30 p.m. Finally me, arun prasath, mallu, chandrasekar and meenakshi from our class got into cts.

Then Infosys visited our college. Gopi and Narayanan were selected in Infy. Next in Caritor 7 from our department got placed.(unfortunately none of them from my class got selected). Then at last abilash got selected in inautix(4 from our department). First phase placements were over.

Then we had some dual companies. This time the eligibility criteria was 7.0. Usually it will be 8.0 and above. We had HP visiting our campus in mid-june. four of my class mates(agalya,ananth,arun,krithika) got placed in HP. Then we had thoughtworks in july. Alagammai from my class got selected in thoughtworks. We had cosmic circuits which was exclusive for electronic students. We also had some mechanical core(like tafe, essar,etc) and civil core(like L&T) companies in our campus recruitment. Then we had Aricent. Mohan and Meenakshi from our class got selected. In seventh sem study holidays we had Motorola. Ashok and Balachandran got selected. The most awaited Honeywell came at the last for recruitment. Divya from our class got into it. We heard that companies like cisco, intel will be visiting our campus. But they didn’t turn up. Our batch placements are almost over.
I like to thank the placement cell,deans,staffs of the departments who made us achieve the placements. I also thank all my friends and seniors(inspite of their holidays they came for pre placement program).The college is ready for the next batch recruitments. Hope the juniors perform better than us.


2 Responses to “placed @Cognizant All- time record high placements in TCE”

  1. hi is der any body to send me placement papers

    of cosmic circuits

  2. hi na im ur junior 1 st yr student i belongs to mech dpt .give me some tips to get placed & tell me some companies recruiting mech students.being waiting for ur answer.

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