TCE marathon- unforgettable in my life.

Today we had our college marathon from germanus to college(approx 8km). I participated in it for the fourth consecutive year. This year’s theme was “Clean enviro- nment”. I started from my house at 5.20 and reached Germanus by share auto. I had my friends coming by college bus. We were given t-shirts. Atlast, this year i got the tshirt. In first year we were given caps and in second year 1st 100 were given tshirts (for me no chance) and in third year i was there at 6.15. By that time the distribution of tshirts were over. Finally, this year got my college t-shirt. This would serve as a relic in my life. We had some snaps by media persons. Principal and deans were present there. Principal waved the flag and all of us started our run for clean environment. I was jogging continuously till the bridge and then a walk and then a run. We had the police for controlling the traffic and some organizers were roaming around in the bike.We were given cool lemon juices and glucose by NCC students near natraj theater.My position there was 185. We were also given at pykara and near aarthy drive inn. My positions were 235 and 195.(not bad in a pool of 600 students) respectively. At last i was not able to run. My legs began to ache. I was simply walking. Approximately it took 50-55 minutes to reach college. Oh the winners reached the college in half an hour. Good work winners!

Few things were irking me. We had a less count from computer science and IT department(only 6). In my class bala, chenny, gopi krishna(36th position ), manic(153rd), mallu, muthu, manoj, sujith(81st) and a few from B section participated in mini marathon. Hari of our class was an organizer.At the same time we had good strength from our department juniors. We had some students who came by bus and then started to run from college entrance.

I had an excellent experience and spirit there. People who missed this have really missed something in their college life. These days never return. We have our last month of college life. More enjoyments are waiting…..


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