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Final IV to OOTY

Posted in my life on March 8, 2008 by balajisrinivas

This post would be a loooong post describing our enjoyments in IV.

We went to Ooty as a part of our Industrial Visit. We started our journey on Mar 2nd late night in Nagercoil-Coimbatore express. The hostel flood light cricket matches ended up the same night. Most of the hostelites were tired. Already the train was late by 40 minutes. We were simply gossiping and most of us were busy with some photo sessions. Atlast the train left madurai around 1.15 am. The haphazard seating arrangements made us feel bored. We somehow managed to play cards in the dim light. We switched of the lights since it would disturb some passengers. The cards team included mathukumar,gopi,kishore,goms,chenny, ravi, vignesh. Then we went to sleep at 2.45. I woke up at 5.45. I love standing near the doors. That too particularly experiencing the cool air. Wow!It’s really fantastic. I have to wait for coffee till tirupur. Mornings without degree coffee are always dull(especially brahmins). We reached coimbatore at 7.30. Ashok arranged for buses. Had our breakfast in a hotel and left to ooty.

We were experiencing the increasing intensity of coolness when we climbed up. We played anthakshari. Due to lack of uniformness we were not able to continue. We were again playing the ass card game in bus. Plenty of hair pin bends and jerks when we climbed up the hill. Beautiful sceneries all along the way made us relish. We reached Ooty by 2.00.Then we had our lunch and went to BSNL. After spending some time we returned to dormentary ” Hotel Tamil Nadu”. Refreshing ourselves we then went to botanical garden. We were wandering around the park for 1.5 hrs. I had some beer(frankly speaking a health drink). and then had the dinner.We played again the same ass card game till 11.45.

Midnight Hilarious Comedies
The organisers of this surprise event are hari and mathu. Arun, chenny, bala, myself, bhim and a.kali were really fooled by them. Actually all of us were told that the time is 6.30 ( the time was 1.30 am)and were asked to brush as soon as possible before others wake up. They changed the time settings and made all of us to believe that they are right.The victims were arun, chenni and bala.Then I woke up and started to brush with chenny on my left washing his face. This environment didnt bring me any sort of suspection. I asked for hot water for bathing. Hari told that we have asked for it and you will get the heater on soon. I went to reception for switching on the heater. I had no watch and then he told that the time is only 1.30. Oh! I am fooled. After this chenny, bhim and a.kali realised that they were fooled. Boisterous laughters everywhere. Then we all slept at 2.30.


The day for me started with a hot tea in cool morning. Then we had our breakfast in a hotel. We started off to pykara dam at 9.00 am. Plenty of photos were taken there. We had the idea of going to boat house. But due to hectic schedule we were not able to visit.I got some home made chocolates. We were at mettupalayam at 3.00. This time we followed a different bus route(via kothagiri). We had our lunch. We got some time to see cricket match. It was unfortunate that the other section bus was broke down. We were at cognizant at 5.15pm.

We were not in a position to here any lectures. But they were making some interesting sessions for 1/2 hour which made us brisk. We had snacks and a round-up in cognizant. Really the working environment was wonderful. We reached the station by 7.30 pm. By that time the B section students have already arrived.

Whenever i step into coimbatore i used to visit annapurna hotel, A1 chips, Barista(especially for lemon tea). But this time i missed all these things. We were asked to eat inside the station. But myself and goms went to k.r. hotel opposite to junction. we were in a hurry. We reached the station at 8.10. The train started sharply at 8.35. Myself and abilash were near the doors for charging the mobile. Then again played the ass card game with sap, mathukumar, bhim, gopi,ravi and manoj. All were feeling drowsy and we returned to our compartment. Then played  dumbcharades with sudharshan,kali,ariya, kishore,chithapa and we were asked to switch off the lights. We gossipped in the dim till 1.15. I had a nap till 1.45. Then reached madurai at 2.30 am. We had our college bus waiting for us. The coordinators Nachiappan and vins did a great work(especially in seating arrangements).The sweet memories of our last iv(hope this is the last in life. No iv’s in companies) would sustain for years to come.