April memories- part II

Chithrai festival:
Chithrai festivals are of great amusement starting from my childhood. This year it was no exception. I remember the days going with my grandparents. The hindrance to these celebrations were my semester exams. Anyhow i managed to attend the festival(atleast once in two days) and pull the chariot on April 19th. This time it was a different experience. I got some beats from the police and few minor wounds in my leg. This year none of my friends turned up because of semesters. As usual i started by 5 am. Thousands of people ranging in various emotions were waiting for the chariot to arrive at their place. Till south masi street i was pulling the chariot. Then the minor wounds in my leg irked me a lot. Then again joined at north masi street and continued. Atlast reached the terminus at 11.30 am.

Then i had my semester exams. There was a severe onslaught waiting for us.It was announced that we are having the review immediately after the semester exams.I had my relatives visiting my house. I went to the exhibition on April 23rd. Before we(whole class) had a plan of going to Eco-park. But it was dropped. Fatigueness was torturing me a lot. Then went to goms house at 11.45 and started to implode for the review. Atlast finished the review successfully. On the other hand i felt desolate since i will not be able to see most of my friends again. I dont know how many of them will be in touch. Its too early to conclude anything. Anyhow i consoled myself by saying “All the things need an end and this is one of the beautiful end”. I went to “arai en 305 il kadavul” with abilash, karthik, hari,muthu and manic. A cool film with prakash raj as usual steals the show with his amazing performance.

A trip to karaikudi:
Annamalai invited me to karaikudi to visit his house and his grandparent’s house in “kizhasevalpatti”. This trip group consisted of chennappan, vins, venkatesh,goms,kishore,sairam and myself. We planned to start from madurai at 8.00 am. But it was 10.45 when we started. The first place was pillayarpatti. It was our misfortune i think, we were not able to have a good darshan. The screens were put most of the time. Then had meals at malai’s house, the typical chettinad dish. Thanks to malai’s mother for serving us a special tasteful lunch. Then our trip continued to kizhasevalpatti. We had a grand welcome. We visited his biggg house and garden nearby. His grandmother served a different kind of sweet and snacks. I was taking numerous photos. One of my friends were commenting “hey, u can take a documentary film”. Then started back at 7.00 pm. I missed the tirunelveli trip because my parents were starting to varanasi on sunday.

I went to vasan eye care’s opening show presided by p.chidambaram. I also enjoyed a musical performance by anuradha sriram, harish ragavendar, vijay yesudas and mahathi(excellent). It was over by 11.15 pm. It was my first visit to a musical show of this kind.

April memories ends here.


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