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BOSS…-Be careful

Posted in general on June 6, 2008 by balajisrinivas

These days life of a software engineer has become ridiculous. All of them live in a sociey motivated by money. They are ready to work for 15 hours a day. They are not able to enjoy their life, even not able to get a deep sleep.

Now coming to BOSS
BOSS refers to BurnOut Stress Syndrome

High stress and a sense of loss of control over one’s life and business contribute to a stress syndrome known as burnout;.

I got stumbled when i read an article in “The Week” on BOSS. A study was made by NIMHANS, Bangalore. It says

28% are constantly under stress
22% could not pursue any hobbies
36% show signs of probable psychiatric disorder
27.6% are addicted to narcotic drugs
one in every 20 regularly contemplates suicide.

Analysts say india needs atleast three fold increase in the strength of pyschiatrists which is just about 3500.
Therefore, dont go behind money. Enjoy the life.