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Flaws in TamilNadu educational system.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2008 by balajisrinivas

Its engineering admissions time. Getting admission into top engineering colleges(TN) has become damn easy. The formula is “study, by-heart, reproduce” and also a bit of luck. If you have all the above, then your admission is assured. No need to apply ideas or theorems or principles or formulas. The situation was better few years ago. We had a common entrance test which contributed for 1/3rd of the mark for testing their knowledge. But now the situation has become worse. I heard that they are not even changing the numbers for the problems in maths and physics. Whenever the state board results come out we can see that highest mark is around 1185(99%). This does not mean that she is brilliant. In case of CBSE ,  the state topper should be necessarily brilliant. I  had a friend in my batch who scored 1160, the other with 2 centums and another  with 3 centums. But the truth is none of them were not able to enter the government engg colleges. The TN educational system needs some improvements. Nearly four lakh students compete for the 4500-odd seats in seven IITs in the country. The pathetic thing is on an average only 50 students(40 from chennai) enter into IITs which is roughly 1%. This is the same case for NITs and other elite educational institutions . There is no point in arguing about the syllabus. The examination pattern should be changed and awareness should be created about IITs and NITs. I feel that the move toward loosening the rules and criterias for rural students is preposterous and also the reservations would dilute the quality of student intake. Instead the quality of education can be improved to meet the standards.  Atleast by 2010,  lets hope the “by heart” culture vanishes.


Ravi sister marriage

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I went to dindigul to attend the marriage of one of my close friend ravi’s sister on july 14th. Both of them are doctors (Dr.Anitha devi-Dr.Sasi kumar). Minister I.Periyasamy and M.L.A. thandapani presided over the function.  We were served grand lunch.  We enjoyed a lot there.

kamal proves again in dasavatharam

Posted in general on July 9, 2008 by balajisrinivas

I watched ulaganayagan’s dasavatharam on june 13th with my friends. It was on the same day we had our college convecation. I wonder where 4 years went. kamal has worked a lot to make this film successful. (oh kamal! why no kiss scenes ?)

Already many of them have written about dasavatharam. you can view the blogs of ashok , senthil and praveen for detailed film reviews.The thing which striked me when i saw the film was the coordination between the names of the 10 avatharams of the god and kamal’s avatharams. for example the japanese name Shingen Narahashi resembles narasimha avatharam. krishnaveni patty (krishna avatharam), boovarahan (varaha avatharam), balram naidu (balarama avatharam) go together. Rangaraja nambi and Matsya avatharam can be connected in the aspect that the lord dives into ocean in the form of fish to search all the vedas. Finally avataar singh can be named representing the avatarams(My own build up). For fletcher, govind, kalifullah khan, george bush i am not able to find any connections.

The film started with a grand opening of 12th century rangaraja nambi. The beginning and the end was excellent, but one has to accept the fact that for the sake of keeping the film as dasavatharam or to break the record of sivaji ganesan’s navarathri there are few unncessary characters.This film taken to international standards is special without local comedies or dialogues (vijay, ajith, simbu and others learn something from kamal. dont overact). The story which deals with chaos theory or butterfly effect is difficult for a layman to understand. I believe that the director should have taken a few more minutes to explain the chaos theory in detail so that the rural kamal ardent fans would enjoy the film. The man behind the scenes crazy mohan who already rocked in panchathanthram, pks, mmkr, etcc with kamal should be appreciated for his humorous intelligent dialogues. Anyone should follow keenly to enjoy his dialogues. Kudos to the whole dasavatharam team for great success. Basically it was released in 4 different languages (hindi, french, telugu and malayalam) I heard it has been released in all 50 cities in US(20$/ticket) and also in singapore, malaysia,etc. Hope it has created a new history in kollywood. All the best for winning oscar.