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My Observations

Posted in my life on August 22, 2008 by balajisrinivas

I like to jot down few things which i observed in past 2 months.

1. I took my license in june. One of my friend who went to a (shining) driving school in madurai was not able to take the license because of the negligence of the driving school and he should wait for another month to get it. We will be allowed to take license only after 30 days of taking LLR. They failed to get the LLR from the RTO office. So whenever you go to driving please have a copy of LLR with you. This will avoid last minute confusions.

2. Last month i went to tanjore to visit some of the temples nearby(suryanar koil, vaitheeswaran koil,etc). I got stumbled on seeing the business done at the temples. The way they deal with the devotees is purely commercial. The temple administration is not upto the mark. A person with garlands,coconut and other things approaches hastily. They will say that “I will make you comfortable, give me rs. 500”. When he comes to know that you are posh, he will raise the rates. If you argue with him. He will say if you are not giving this money, ur desire will not be satisfied. Do not trust him. When you have a chance to visit the temples, please avoid sentiments.

3) I went to a famous jewel shop starting with (potato in hindi) for changing a chain which was bought in another famous jewel shop. On skimming through the bill, it will be clear that all the jewelers earn money in the amount of wastage. It will be at least 30% whereas only 10% in local small shops. Whenever any ornament is placed in the gold testing machine, the joints are placed under the machine and they say the gold which you bought contains more copper. Be cautious. The jewelers are very astute. Whenever any jewels are kept in the machine for testing see to that it is not kept in the joints. All appearances and the advertisements are deceptive. No one is insane to give a discount of Rs.1111 for 8g of gold or bonus of 0.5g gold if you buy 8g.