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Reminiscing the past-I

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Waiting for DOJ from May’08 to Nov’09

After I completed my engineering in april’08, there was a long pause in the game of life for me. It was 6 months of free time during which I attended family functions,marriages,etc. I also visited many pilgrimage centers that includes Rameshwaram, Thiruchendur, Vaitheeswaran koil,etc. It had been one of the light summery days when the people started to annoy me asking about date of joining. Most of them were not able to understand what recession was and what is its impact? They advised me to go for some unworthy alternatives.

Till the month of august I had my TCS friends. I used to spend time chatting with them. I felt somewhat lonely when my TCS friends departed to Bhubaneshwar for training. Usually nights of these days were spent at muthu raj’s(a childhood friend and neighbour of mine) home. He too got his doj in september and left madurai. Then passing time became an increasingly onerous task.Everyone were busy with some work and tests except few.I and vins used to discuss about doj predictions and console each other. I can say that this was the time when i and vins came somewhat closer. Late nights were spent with yoganand( school friend waiting for doj from wipro) who was at Hyderabad at his sister’s place. We even used to chat till 3 am. Lots of stories, incidents,gossips…..

Days passed slowly. Everyone called except cognizant and caritor. At last we had some positive words from our apo.All this came as something of a relief to us. Cognizant also started to call our college. Anyhow my name was missed out in the first batch. my name and venami’s name was somehow left out in the department. I was the only sole remaining in my class waiting for doj. Finally on november 11th i got my DOJ. Doj-november 24th and location was chennai. This was something that bought a brief glimmer of pleasure into my glum life. Unfortunately venami’s name was missed out this time also. It was time to leave Madurai where i have been with my parents from my birth. I got blessings from my neighbors and relatives and it was nice to see everyone expressing their concern. I started to Chennai on November 23rd by vaigai express. Had some of them at station for send-off. It was the same time my TCS friends completed their training and returned to Chennai.

To be continued…


Back to Blogging

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Its alomost a year since i shared my personal experiences in this blog. I have a lot of posts queued up in my brain. Nowadays many of them rarely write blogs, indeed some of them have stopped blogging. Some of them dont want their personals to go public or they are busy with their work so that they hardly find free time or they are soo lazy to write and post. Anyways I will try to blog regularly.