Reminiscing the past-II

Let me continue from where I left in the previous post.

They had already rented an individual house(sorry bungalow) where I stayed. When I joined there was an onset of that interminable light drizzle in which Chennai particularly low land areas like velachery were severely affected. My room mates were ariya and kishore. Kishore was already close to me and ariya was getting closer. My training was at a place called ASV sun tech park near Thuraipakkam. It was a completely different atmosphere with friends from different colleges. Fortunately or unfortunately I was the one who was from TCE. It took some time to get into the professional life. In short, Chennai was too fast for me. The things which i observed would take a separate post and will try to post my views on chennaites in the upcoming posts. The days in cognizant was full of fun and frolic. On the other side, almost all my friends who were waiting for doj got it by December end. Got some new friends at cognizant and the things slowly started to change. A glance at sequence of events in my life

1)Cognizant was fine for me and really enjoyed the days there. We as a class used to go to some hotels frequently. Its because of these people I came to know about the various posh hotels in Chennai.

2)In our home, we got an Induction stove and an electric cooker. Ariya was the master and will give instructions to me and kishore while cooking. I enjoyed assisting him in cooking.

3)Then coming to my MS, I got admits from 4 universities. I chose The university of Texas at Dallas for the reason its a pretty decent one,I had some friends(annamalai and hari) there, the cost of living is cheap there compared to other states in US.

4)Resigned from cognizant, one of the fastest 3 tier IT growing company.

5)Got my I-20 from UTD. In May and June I was busy preparing documents for the visa interview and was traveling between Chennai and Madurai at regular intervals.

6)Got my visa stamped on July 1st and crossed the final hurdle.


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