Reached Dallas

Atlast few weeks back on a fine sunny Friday evening reached Dallas. Though the journey was nice, I missed my American Airlines connection flight at Newark Liberty International Airport. I should have planned such that there is at least 2 hours between the connecting flights. My flight was scheduled to arrive at 10.30 am but was delayed by 15 minutes. My connection flight to dallas was at 11.55 am. When I landed up, I was to clear customs,immigration and pre-flight formalities. Then got an airtrain to move to the next terminal and approached the American Airlines for my boarding pass and came to know that I have missed my flight. They gave a chance to fly standby in the next flight at 2.55 pm.It was full. The next flight with seat availability was at 5.25 pm.It looked pretty wild and intense. I was terribly bored and due to lack of sleep was feeling drowsy. I got an International Calling card for $10. Called my home. Calling costs were high inside the airport,$3/call. My friend annamalai was not reachable. Fortunately around 2pm, got an exit row seat in the 2.55 pm flight. Reached dallas at 5.30 pm. The problem was i requested the International Students Services Organization for pick up at 4 pm. Since I was late, I hired a taxi for $50.At last reached annamalai’s home at 6.30 pm.It took 2 days to recover from jetlag. On saturday, our off campus Mccallum apartment was finalised. It took some time to get settled here. Although, We bought some groceries from India we bought some new things at Wal Mart, a comparatively cheaper place for buying groceries and eatables.


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