2012 — The year of Accomplishment, Debt and Travel Part – I

It was a roller coaster year. Tough times, happiness and lots of learning.

January — I graduated in December 2011 and was waiting for the job openings. I started giving interviews, but no luck.
Let me tell one of the interesting interviews.
I was contacted by HR for a support position. Albeit my interest was in development and not support, I was contacted by the QA manager for a phone interview and eventually she found that I am not  interested. She forwarded my resume to another team and later they contacted regarding the development position.
After the first round, I was given an online test which consisted of 2 programming questions and a set of SQL queries. It took 30 minutes for me to read and do a basic design before implementing it. I was able to complete only a question in 2 hrs. It took me 6 hrs to finish the whole test. I Am bad at assessing my own performance in tests like this. So I discussed with my friends and then sent an email saying that it is not feasible for a new grad to complete the entire test in 2 hrs. Later came to know that HR misread my resume and the position was for someone with 4-5 years of experience.  But the code reviewer sent me a detailed email about optimising the code and mistakes in my code. That was so nice of her to take time in replying.

February — The job search continued. Careercup and Glassdoor were the websites which helped in preparing for interviews. You could have read umpteen number of articles about preparing for interviews and worked out questions. But, its all the presence of mind and smartness that wins the race to impress the interviewer. I was invited for an on-site interview by my current employer. But I missed my last flight while returning because of the delayed interview and heavy traffic. Later stayed at a hotel and came back by the morning flight.

March — Went for another interview to the west coast which was almost close to offer and on the same day my Managing Director wanted to speak to better know me.
Because of the timezone difference, I had the interview at morning 6 am. Got up at 5.50 and attended the interview. That was very interesting. All these days,Java has been my preferred language of coding during the interviews. Got my job by March mid and planned to join on April 2nd. I was not feeling well during the last week of March. It was after 4-5 years I went to a doctor. Thanks to all my friends in Dallas who took care of me when I was not well and also for their support during the jobless days. It was time to say bye to Dallas.

April –I started my first full time job. Had to meet my team at New Jersey. The public transportation is really good in NJ-NY area. Then attended the  All aboard training at Boston. My first train journey in US was from New york to Boston. Boston trips are incomplete without meeting Kaushik. Also had long chats with another friend there. Always first trips to a place is unforgettable and that was my first visit to the east coast.

May — Me and Anirudh  planned to go to Dallas for graduation. It was a nice opportunity to meet lot of people because everyone moved to different places after graduation.
I started thinking about bringing my parents here for vacation. They were worried about my bank loan. I wanted to bring them here when they are healthy and since my dad is retiring this year, I cannot find a better time than this.

June — I badly needed a drivers license. I was procrastinating this for a long time. I remember getting my Learner’s permit with Annamalai in December 2009. He got his license in Feb 2010. I got in June 2012. 😀 I was depending on my friend to go to walmart and Indian stores. I got a zipcar and practiced during the weekends. Since I already had some driving experience in Dallas, I managed to get a DL.  In the mean time, I completed few books Chicken soup for the soul, Sujatha’s pirivom santhipom and Katrathum petrathum. We were planning for a trip during the Independece day weekend to DC, but was a flop.

July — My parents got their Visa and  booked tickets for them. I started looking for second hand car deals.  

I don’t want to bore the reader. Let me stop here. Will continue the next half of 2012 soon.


4 Responses to “2012 — The year of Accomplishment, Debt and Travel Part – I”

  1. Seems, life abroad has certainly kept you busy! Good luck da!

  2. nice one buddy… time flies and i can easily find that out from ur list of events

  3. I think they just find someone on the Internet who already wrote the book report and use theirs… Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

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