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2012 — The year of Accomplishment, Debt and Travel Part – I

Posted in my life on January 23, 2013 by balajisrinivas

It was a roller coaster year. Tough times, happiness and lots of learning.

January — I graduated in December 2011 and was waiting for the job openings. I started giving interviews, but no luck.
Let me tell one of the interesting interviews.
I was contacted by HR for a support position. Albeit my interest was in development and not support, I was contacted by the QA manager for a phone interview and eventually she found that I am not  interested. She forwarded my resume to another team and later they contacted regarding the development position.
After the first round, I was given an online test which consisted of 2 programming questions and a set of SQL queries. It took 30 minutes for me to read and do a basic design before implementing it. I was able to complete only a question in 2 hrs. It took me 6 hrs to finish the whole test. I Am bad at assessing my own performance in tests like this. So I discussed with my friends and then sent an email saying that it is not feasible for a new grad to complete the entire test in 2 hrs. Later came to know that HR misread my resume and the position was for someone with 4-5 years of experience.  But the code reviewer sent me a detailed email about optimising the code and mistakes in my code. That was so nice of her to take time in replying.

February — The job search continued. Careercup and Glassdoor were the websites which helped in preparing for interviews. You could have read umpteen number of articles about preparing for interviews and worked out questions. But, its all the presence of mind and smartness that wins the race to impress the interviewer. I was invited for an on-site interview by my current employer. But I missed my last flight while returning because of the delayed interview and heavy traffic. Later stayed at a hotel and came back by the morning flight.

March — Went for another interview to the west coast which was almost close to offer and on the same day my Managing Director wanted to speak to better know me.
Because of the timezone difference, I had the interview at morning 6 am. Got up at 5.50 and attended the interview. That was very interesting. All these days,Java has been my preferred language of coding during the interviews. Got my job by March mid and planned to join on April 2nd. I was not feeling well during the last week of March. It was after 4-5 years I went to a doctor. Thanks to all my friends in Dallas who took care of me when I was not well and also for their support during the jobless days. It was time to say bye to Dallas.

April –I started my first full time job. Had to meet my team at New Jersey. The public transportation is really good in NJ-NY area. Then attended the  All aboard training at Boston. My first train journey in US was from New york to Boston. Boston trips are incomplete without meeting Kaushik. Also had long chats with another friend there. Always first trips to a place is unforgettable and that was my first visit to the east coast.

May — Me and Anirudh  planned to go to Dallas for graduation. It was a nice opportunity to meet lot of people because everyone moved to different places after graduation.
I started thinking about bringing my parents here for vacation. They were worried about my bank loan. I wanted to bring them here when they are healthy and since my dad is retiring this year, I cannot find a better time than this.

June — I badly needed a drivers license. I was procrastinating this for a long time. I remember getting my Learner’s permit with Annamalai in December 2009. He got his license in Feb 2010. I got in June 2012. 😀 I was depending on my friend to go to walmart and Indian stores. I got a zipcar and practiced during the weekends. Since I already had some driving experience in Dallas, I managed to get a DL.  In the mean time, I completed few books Chicken soup for the soul, Sujatha’s pirivom santhipom and Katrathum petrathum. We were planning for a trip during the Independece day weekend to DC, but was a flop.

July — My parents got their Visa and  booked tickets for them. I started looking for second hand car deals.  

I don’t want to bore the reader. Let me stop here. Will continue the next half of 2012 soon.


Reached Dallas

Posted in my life on August 24, 2009 by balajisrinivas

Atlast few weeks back on a fine sunny Friday evening reached Dallas. Though the journey was nice, I missed my American Airlines connection flight at Newark Liberty International Airport. I should have planned such that there is at least 2 hours between the connecting flights. My flight was scheduled to arrive at 10.30 am but was delayed by 15 minutes. My connection flight to dallas was at 11.55 am. When I landed up, I was to clear customs,immigration and pre-flight formalities. Then got an airtrain to move to the next terminal and approached the American Airlines for my boarding pass and came to know that I have missed my flight. They gave a chance to fly standby in the next flight at 2.55 pm.It was full. The next flight with seat availability was at 5.25 pm.It looked pretty wild and intense. I was terribly bored and due to lack of sleep was feeling drowsy. I got an International Calling card for $10. Called my home. Calling costs were high inside the airport,$3/call. My friend annamalai was not reachable. Fortunately around 2pm, got an exit row seat in the 2.55 pm flight. Reached dallas at 5.30 pm. The problem was i requested the International Students Services Organization for pick up at 4 pm. Since I was late, I hired a taxi for $50.At last reached annamalai’s home at 6.30 pm.It took 2 days to recover from jetlag. On saturday, our off campus Mccallum apartment was finalised. It took some time to get settled here. Although, We bought some groceries from India we bought some new things at Wal Mart, a comparatively cheaper place for buying groceries and eatables.

My Observations

Posted in my life on August 22, 2008 by balajisrinivas

I like to jot down few things which i observed in past 2 months.

1. I took my license in june. One of my friend who went to a (shining) driving school in madurai was not able to take the license because of the negligence of the driving school and he should wait for another month to get it. We will be allowed to take license only after 30 days of taking LLR. They failed to get the LLR from the RTO office. So whenever you go to driving please have a copy of LLR with you. This will avoid last minute confusions.

2. Last month i went to tanjore to visit some of the temples nearby(suryanar koil, vaitheeswaran koil,etc). I got stumbled on seeing the business done at the temples. The way they deal with the devotees is purely commercial. The temple administration is not upto the mark. A person with garlands,coconut and other things approaches hastily. They will say that “I will make you comfortable, give me rs. 500”. When he comes to know that you are posh, he will raise the rates. If you argue with him. He will say if you are not giving this money, ur desire will not be satisfied. Do not trust him. When you have a chance to visit the temples, please avoid sentiments.

3) I went to a famous jewel shop starting with (potato in hindi) for changing a chain which was bought in another famous jewel shop. On skimming through the bill, it will be clear that all the jewelers earn money in the amount of wastage. It will be at least 30% whereas only 10% in local small shops. Whenever any ornament is placed in the gold testing machine, the joints are placed under the machine and they say the gold which you bought contains more copper. Be cautious. The jewelers are very astute. Whenever any jewels are kept in the machine for testing see to that it is not kept in the joints. All appearances and the advertisements are deceptive. No one is insane to give a discount of Rs.1111 for 8g of gold or bonus of 0.5g gold if you buy 8g.

April memories- part II

Posted in my life on May 27, 2008 by balajisrinivas

Chithrai festival:
Chithrai festivals are of great amusement starting from my childhood. This year it was no exception. I remember the days going with my grandparents. The hindrance to these celebrations were my semester exams. Anyhow i managed to attend the festival(atleast once in two days) and pull the chariot on April 19th. This time it was a different experience. I got some beats from the police and few minor wounds in my leg. This year none of my friends turned up because of semesters. As usual i started by 5 am. Thousands of people ranging in various emotions were waiting for the chariot to arrive at their place. Till south masi street i was pulling the chariot. Then the minor wounds in my leg irked me a lot. Then again joined at north masi street and continued. Atlast reached the terminus at 11.30 am.

Then i had my semester exams. There was a severe onslaught waiting for us.It was announced that we are having the review immediately after the semester exams.I had my relatives visiting my house. I went to the exhibition on April 23rd. Before we(whole class) had a plan of going to Eco-park. But it was dropped. Fatigueness was torturing me a lot. Then went to goms house at 11.45 and started to implode for the review. Atlast finished the review successfully. On the other hand i felt desolate since i will not be able to see most of my friends again. I dont know how many of them will be in touch. Its too early to conclude anything. Anyhow i consoled myself by saying “All the things need an end and this is one of the beautiful end”. I went to “arai en 305 il kadavul” with abilash, karthik, hari,muthu and manic. A cool film with prakash raj as usual steals the show with his amazing performance.

A trip to karaikudi:
Annamalai invited me to karaikudi to visit his house and his grandparent’s house in “kizhasevalpatti”. This trip group consisted of chennappan, vins, venkatesh,goms,kishore,sairam and myself. We planned to start from madurai at 8.00 am. But it was 10.45 when we started. The first place was pillayarpatti. It was our misfortune i think, we were not able to have a good darshan. The screens were put most of the time. Then had meals at malai’s house, the typical chettinad dish. Thanks to malai’s mother for serving us a special tasteful lunch. Then our trip continued to kizhasevalpatti. We had a grand welcome. We visited his biggg house and garden nearby. His grandmother served a different kind of sweet and snacks. I was taking numerous photos. One of my friends were commenting “hey, u can take a documentary film”. Then started back at 7.00 pm. I missed the tirunelveli trip because my parents were starting to varanasi on sunday.

I went to vasan eye care’s opening show presided by p.chidambaram. I also enjoyed a musical performance by anuradha sriram, harish ragavendar, vijay yesudas and mahathi(excellent). It was over by 11.15 pm. It was my first visit to a musical show of this kind.

April memories ends here.

April memories – Part I

Posted in my life on May 8, 2008 by balajisrinivas

To start with I went to visu’s makkal arangam on the eve of wireless internals. It was boring. At half-time I returned home. Then we had the internals. I and goms went to hostel day on April 6th. This time it was of no interest. We had some dinner in the mess and waited for the function to get started. We waited till 9.00 pm and it was our bad luck we were not able to enjoy the function.

Munnar trip:

I along with ashok, chenni, sairam, vins and other mechanical guys went to munnar. We started off at 7.00 am on 7th april by qualis. It was a sudden trip. I didn’t even think that i will be enjoying a trip like this. We first visited suruli falls. Having a bath in the falls after a long time was really wonderful. Then we started off to Thekkady. We went for boating and unfortunately there were no different species except the elephants. Then had some snacks and resumed our journey to munaar ,Idukki district. Roads were unkind to us. The ups and downs in the roads and the jerks annoyed us a lot. We were slowly deviating from our planned time. We reached munaar by 9.00 pm. Ashok made the lodging arrangements in Kannan Devan Hills club. Then had some good time at munnar summer festival(vocal, dance and comedies) till 11 pm. Malayalam comedies made us feel bored. “WOW, beautiful girls” would be the first reaction when someone steps into munaar. After having a nice sleep in the dormentary we started to round munnar the next day.

The first place we went was echo point. It is a small lake set amidst rolling hills. The young tourists come to this place to hear the echoes of their partners’ name. Then we purchased some cashewnuts and tea packets. From there we went to rajamala. The picturesque beauty of the hills make any visitor come again and again. Then went to a botanical garden. We spent only 20 mins and we were in a hurry to visit other beautiful places.Next place was Eravikulam national park. A bus took us from the down to uphills. The road was very narrow. We can see the whole munnar city from this place. Hope its the highest place in munnar. It took us some good 2 hrs to visit the park and trekking. It was 4 pm already. The last place was a falls. Its a bit dangerous. We jumped into the rock at our own risk(no entry area). While an old women came and warned us that “Its dangerous. The water from the falls may overflow at any time. yesterday a boy like you died here. Be careful” we got shocked and suddenly climbed up. Then we went to a tea estate late evening specially for taking photos. Then came down through bodymettu. Our eyes were drooping. Thanks to kasiraja who arranged this trip.After enjoying 2 full days returned home at 10 pm.

I’ll stop here. Next post: April memories- part II

Final days at TCE

Posted in my life on April 6, 2008 by balajisrinivas

March 24, monday:
We weared our batch shirt and girls in batch sarees. Though we had our project reports incomplete we didnt mind it. We had our department valedictory function. Our thoughts went back. Just stepping into the college in 2004 with lots of expectations to 2008 as a full fledged engineer.”Oh!life is moving very fast”. Mr.S. Ganesh, project leader tcs was the chief guest. Then our photo session started. The cameras which played major roles were the cameras of ravi, gopi and chennappan. whereever we went we took photos. Then had the cake cutting at the canteen. It was chisty’s birthday. So he cut the first cake and alagammai the second cake. Then Then in the evening we took group photos with principal, hod and staffs. Then guys had their friends writting comments in their shirts . Our class was the first to wear batch shirt. I arranged for a treat at Aarthy drive inn for all my class guys. Later my parents joined us.We expected the bill to be around Rs.5000 but we ate only for Rs.3700. We took many photos and then departed at 10.00 pm with sweet memories. This was the first time where all our classmates went for an outing.Thanks to all my friends who made that a grand occasion. That was a remarkable day.

March 25, Tuesday:

Taking photos continued. We celebrated our “C” section reunion. Few boys and most of the girls didnt turn up. Again we had the cake cutting and sprayed the foam. Abishek and ganesh did a good job in organising it. We planned for lunch in our canteen. Alas, we didnt have even curd rice. Each of us had a frooti and returned back. We had our college culturals at 3.00 pm. We had some good songs sung by our college team followed by an excellent skit performed by fourth year boys and some good dance performances. Our last culturals was over by 6.15 pm.

March 26, Wednesday:

This was our last day at college. But nothing special or interesting. We expected some quotes from the staffs. The guys seemed spellbound, for no shouts or exclamations were heard. Many of them were busy with writing AG’s. We had our company call letters given to us in the placement day. It was an exciting afternoon. Dr.S. Kaliappan , vice chancellor Anna University was the chief guest. We were provided with some snacks and thus the last day of our college life came to an end happily.

Final IV to OOTY

Posted in my life on March 8, 2008 by balajisrinivas

This post would be a loooong post describing our enjoyments in IV.

We went to Ooty as a part of our Industrial Visit. We started our journey on Mar 2nd late night in Nagercoil-Coimbatore express. The hostel flood light cricket matches ended up the same night. Most of the hostelites were tired. Already the train was late by 40 minutes. We were simply gossiping and most of us were busy with some photo sessions. Atlast the train left madurai around 1.15 am. The haphazard seating arrangements made us feel bored. We somehow managed to play cards in the dim light. We switched of the lights since it would disturb some passengers. The cards team included mathukumar,gopi,kishore,goms,chenny, ravi, vignesh. Then we went to sleep at 2.45. I woke up at 5.45. I love standing near the doors. That too particularly experiencing the cool air. Wow!It’s really fantastic. I have to wait for coffee till tirupur. Mornings without degree coffee are always dull(especially brahmins). We reached coimbatore at 7.30. Ashok arranged for buses. Had our breakfast in a hotel and left to ooty.

We were experiencing the increasing intensity of coolness when we climbed up. We played anthakshari. Due to lack of uniformness we were not able to continue. We were again playing the ass card game in bus. Plenty of hair pin bends and jerks when we climbed up the hill. Beautiful sceneries all along the way made us relish. We reached Ooty by 2.00.Then we had our lunch and went to BSNL. After spending some time we returned to dormentary ” Hotel Tamil Nadu”. Refreshing ourselves we then went to botanical garden. We were wandering around the park for 1.5 hrs. I had some beer(frankly speaking a health drink). and then had the dinner.We played again the same ass card game till 11.45.

Midnight Hilarious Comedies
The organisers of this surprise event are hari and mathu. Arun, chenny, bala, myself, bhim and a.kali were really fooled by them. Actually all of us were told that the time is 6.30 ( the time was 1.30 am)and were asked to brush as soon as possible before others wake up. They changed the time settings and made all of us to believe that they are right.The victims were arun, chenni and bala.Then I woke up and started to brush with chenny on my left washing his face. This environment didnt bring me any sort of suspection. I asked for hot water for bathing. Hari told that we have asked for it and you will get the heater on soon. I went to reception for switching on the heater. I had no watch and then he told that the time is only 1.30. Oh! I am fooled. After this chenny, bhim and a.kali realised that they were fooled. Boisterous laughters everywhere. Then we all slept at 2.30.


The day for me started with a hot tea in cool morning. Then we had our breakfast in a hotel. We started off to pykara dam at 9.00 am. Plenty of photos were taken there. We had the idea of going to boat house. But due to hectic schedule we were not able to visit.I got some home made chocolates. We were at mettupalayam at 3.00. This time we followed a different bus route(via kothagiri). We had our lunch. We got some time to see cricket match. It was unfortunate that the other section bus was broke down. We were at cognizant at 5.15pm.

We were not in a position to here any lectures. But they were making some interesting sessions for 1/2 hour which made us brisk. We had snacks and a round-up in cognizant. Really the working environment was wonderful. We reached the station by 7.30 pm. By that time the B section students have already arrived.

Whenever i step into coimbatore i used to visit annapurna hotel, A1 chips, Barista(especially for lemon tea). But this time i missed all these things. We were asked to eat inside the station. But myself and goms went to k.r. hotel opposite to junction. we were in a hurry. We reached the station at 8.10. The train started sharply at 8.35. Myself and abilash were near the doors for charging the mobile. Then again played the ass card game with sap, mathukumar, bhim, gopi,ravi and manoj. All were feeling drowsy and we returned to our compartment. Then played  dumbcharades with sudharshan,kali,ariya, kishore,chithapa and we were asked to switch off the lights. We gossipped in the dim till 1.15. I had a nap till 1.45. Then reached madurai at 2.30 am. We had our college bus waiting for us. The coordinators Nachiappan and vins did a great work(especially in seating arrangements).The sweet memories of our last iv(hope this is the last in life. No iv’s in companies) would sustain for years to come.